Friday, March 16, 2012

Activities in the High School

We just got back from the high school retreat, the theme: honoring one another. We about just over 50 students attend the retreat along with the small group leaders of each grade. We had four sessions followed by small group discussion. Due to the lower turnout of students attending the retreat, the small groups were a bit smaller than usual which resulted in honest, heartfelt discussion that were fruitful and profitable.- praise God.

Currently during lunch time, there is a soccer tournament taking place between each of the high school grade levels plus a staff team. Marlayna surprised the students by being able to hold her own with the best of them out there. The surprise may have come from not advertising her years of playing soccer growing up, nor did she start out playing with the teams at lunch due to discipleship scheduling conflicts. It almost appeared that the staff had a ‘ringer’ on the team. We have enjoyed playing together despite the different skill levels.

We recently celebrated a day called ‘Dia de Idioma’ meaning day of the language. Really, it was a day of celebrating the culture. At school, each grade, and a group of staff learned a cultural dance that they performed for the parents and other students. Steve was part of the dance because they needed males to participate.  All those participating in the dances got all dressed up in traditional outfits to go along with the dance.  It was a fun day.