Monday, February 25, 2013

Prayer update for February

January ended with a fantastic conference where Steve learned how to counteract bullying, helping students with dyslexia and written language difficulties, ethics involving standardized testing, and counseling children with anxiety. We also celebrated Elleazah’s 2nd birthday, and we praise God for her in our lives. It is a joy to watch her grow and learn each day.

 We are full swing in our second semester. Steve is planning professional development for teachers in response to his conference, problem-solving with principals & teachers on student issues, prepping a senior to speak at chapel, and doing educational planning for the influx of new students with learning challenges. Marlayna is teaching at school Biology to 10th graders and Health to the second half of the 9th graders. We are thankful for a new lady volunteering at ECA who is able to help watch Elleazah during the periods Marlayna is teaching.

 This month, our senior class will be going on a class retreat. This overnight retreat will be to discuss being salt and light to the world as they transition from a Christian high school to a secular college life. We, as the class advisors, are planning this retreat. In addition the senior retreat, we will also be going on the high school retreat, which is at the end of February.

Pray for:
1.      Pray for the new students who are starting new mid-year as they transition. New students, especially those from the USA, have historically struggled a lot in their transition
2.      Pray that the students will go to the retreats and that the Holy Spirit will transform their lives
3.      Pray that we are able to find new balance in our roles and get back into the routine of school.

Prayer update for January:

As we’ve entered a new year, we want to thank you for another year prayer and support. It was good to see some of you during our time in the States. It was wonderful to spend Christmas with family and participate in some of the traditions.

Anticipated activities for this next school quarter include a senior retreat which will focus on what to expect after graduation and transitioning to college. Steve is preparing a senior to give a devotional during chapel.  Steve will also be attending a professional school psychologist conference to maintain certification. Marlayna will be helping out at school more this semester; hopefully, she and Elleazah will be on a regular schedule by the end of the month.

The last thing we would like to keep you informed about is that we are prayerfully considering another year at ECA. Originally we made a two year commitment. The commitment is up at the end of the school year, but we considering staying for a third year. 

Please be in prayer for this upcoming activities and decisions.