Family Photos

Fall festival face painting, a new necklace and bracelet

Elleazah dressed as a bee this October!
She is our little Honey Bee!
Some pictures from the summer
With Grandma and Grandpa Pence... playing and video taping.

Aunt Ren, teaching Elleazah to climb.

Having a lemonade stand with cousins (and grandparents)!

Playing in the water with cousins on hot days!

Watching the Olympics with Great Grandma Pence

Feeding the dog.

Waking Dad up from a nap!

Helping make juice

Ducks! Patos! Quack, quack!

Playing in the sand with another family. She doesn't really care for sand.

Family picture after the 5th grade retreat

petting the chicken we caught in the 'scavenger hunt'

She loves playgrounds.

14 months!

Time with Aunt Ren

The girls.

Yummm. Papaya!

Easter Sunday

Working on coloring.  For the most part, she stayed on the little paper she wanted.

A flower amongst the flowers.

Loving her Cheerios!

 A favorite way for her to walk

She likes to drink from the camelpack like mom and dad.

eating by herself.

She loves office supplies, which means she has a lot of 'toys' at school!

 Becoming skilled on the playground.

Remembering Spring training.

Playing with magnets! A necklace with magnets, which she loves to try and take on and off. Though the magnets make the task a challenge because they stick to each other! 

First magnetism, now observing gravity.  She is enjoying science!

Now, it is time to read.

And, distracted by the magnets. 

Watching and waiting for Dad to come home.

Still waiting, maybe she is just enjoying people watching. 


She loves putting things over her head as a necklace.

Playing at the library with other kiddos
Birthday Celebration with ECA friends.

Time for cupcakes!

A little treat making a BIG mess. Actually, there was some outside help because she was eating it too neatly on her own.

Elleazah's birthday celebration with playmates

Chicaque, a National Park just 30 minutes outside Bogota, if you get on the right bus!
A wonderful outing we took with some friends for a good hike and fresh air!

Group picture... Megan R. must have been taking the picture =)

Hiking along, Elleazah is enjoying the ride!

A great view. It was fun to watch the clouds roll back when the sun came out from behind a cloud.

Elleazah, 11 months!

Christmas: opening her gifts which include, socks, a toy guitar and tambourine

'Central Park' known as Simon Bolivar

Rose Garden in the Botanical Garden

At the zoo in Parque Jamie Duque

Parque Jamie Duque: in front of the statues, part of Colombian history.

Standing to greet us when she wakes up!  Getting so big!

A Tagangan sunset

Taganga landscape

Touching an Octopus!

Playing in the Atlantic with Dad

Playing in the sand. Moving the sand from one place to another.

Simon Bolivar statue with the Iguana tree in the bacground (in Santa Marta)

10 month picture

playing on the swings in our conjunto

Making oatmeal for Dad's breakfast

"Snow!!!" (actually, soap suds) while viewing the lights around the city

Outside our conjunto with other staff members looking at the Christmas lights.

Thanksgiving with friends from ECA

She is 9 months, standing, and showing off her teeth!

She has a play corner in the living room!

Peering over the "wall"

Eating Cheerios for the first time, a treat from the States! Her finger nicely fits into the hole!

Buying a ticket for the public trans to go down town.

In the central plaza, government building in the background.

Central plaza, the church.

Botero Art museum- Colombian Art

Trying some Colombian Coffee

Juan Valdez coffee treat!

"Trying on" the mask at the Gold Museum

This looked like a body shield!

Headed out of town.

Out of town, a glimps of the village

Getting around town.

Odd how eggs are sold here in Colombia, off the shelf, in sets of 30.

Local food... tamales

Fun walking around the apartment!

She can clap and wave!
Here she is excited to take her 8 month pictures!

Is it an 8 or an infinity?

Flowers from a tree covered the ground, Elleazah enjoyed observing them and then...

playing with them and disecting them!

We are introducing Elleazah to her first horse, trying to get her ready to see her Great Aunt/ Uncle's horses next summer.

Seeing Elleazah drink from her sippy cup on her back reminded me of my sister and all those cups of hot chocolate she would drink from her sippy cup, lying on her back on the couch!

7 months

What are you looking at? Can't everyone suck on their foot?

Lounging after a hard days work!

Look! I'm helping, err, hiding!

Look mommy, there are bugs in Colombia! GIANT MOTHS!!

Dad is having fun with her toys too!
Playing with some toys that are new to her that we brought with us!

Watching a u-20 Colombian World Cup game at the mall.

Elleazah playing in her box at school.

How can she sleep like this??

We went to Prado with the director of the school's family

Getty Up!
Something that is actually smaller than Elleazah!

Elleazah seems to be able to sleep anywhere!
Even on a roaring speed boat!
She sleeps through almost anything, but when it's time for dad to nap...

Happy 1st 6 month Birthday!
What did you say?

Finding joy in the little things!
Camera Shy? I don't think so!

Chillin' like a villian on her 6 month birthday!

What up?!

Be sure to stop to smell the flowers!
Spring Break road trip to South Carolina. Elleazah got to
experience the Atlantic Ocean at just over 2 months old

Welcome to our family Elleazah Grace Pence!

Hitch hiking to warmer weather

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