Ministry Pictures

High school fall retreat 
Creating a Wirl Pool
Enjoying the wirl pool and going around in a circles

Playing some volleyball in the pool

Doing an obstacle course with our group

An egg toss

Steve's session, starting out with a skit

Talking about intergety in how we show love to our neighbor.
If you aren't loving them, you are hating them.

Students enjoying Elleazah's company

Picture Scavenger Hunt: Up side down.

Movie cover: High school Musical
(This took about 5 shots to get right!)

Artisitic picture

Pictures from Steve's first chapel message: Who is your King?

Introducing ECA's senior class! Class of 2013.
The four in front are the small group leaders of this class! (+1 more)
This is their final first day of school as and ECA student!

Graduating Class at their Senior Banquet. 5 nationalities were represented

Steve worked closely with him to help make sure he graduated. He did!!

The Junior Service trip to Villavacencio
We taught English through various activities and did a devotional series through the 4 trustworthy sayings in 1st & 2nd Timothy addressing motivations for service, leadership, goal setting, and building up the the body of Christ

Refugee camp for kids whose families have experience persecution. Many of the youth at this camp had 1 or both parents killed due to their faith in Jesus.

Inner city Christian school in Villavacenio. Very hot, very crowded...

"Wealthy" Christian school; here we provided some professional development for the teachers

Poor country Christian school
Our students experienced the difficulty of trying to teach "unruly" kids.

Sports/games activities using English

English songs

Board games with conversational English

English and Drama

English sing-alongs

Playing soccer with the students

Cooling off in the shade after spending the whole morning in the sun

"Male bonding" on the 11th grade service trip with the infamous dog pile

Hanging out after school making muffins

Children activities at a service outreach to Ciudad Bolivar, a number of years ago it was considered to be one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Colombia

group serving at Ciudad Bolivar

Steve with Lilia Giffins de Morales. Lilia used to work at Lakewood School in Carpentersville, IL prior to Steve working at Lakewood School. Small World!! She now teaches music and coordinates the service outreaches at El Camino Academy

Part 1: Picture of Amazon trip participants associated with ECA

Part 2: Picture of Amazon trip participants associated with ECA

We had Steve's small group of guys over for a game of RISK! We were excited half were able to attend on such short notice.

Fifth grade retreat, some of the parents after dinner, spending some time in fellowship.

A session with the kids

Reflecting on the session

A session with the adults

A group shot with some of the parents... and a few kids.

Spring Retreat with the high school

Playing the marshmellow toss.

Some of the girls playing Uno during a break

Steve's group of guys along with his co-leader

Marlayna's group of girls plus her co-leader

 A session with Mr. T.

Playing Ultimate frisbee... Steve is in orange

Students hanging out

A game called dress the mascot. Steve created 'Syndrome'

Dia de Idioma staff dance crew

Field trip to the Botanical Garden

At the orphanage, our class ministry.

Overlooking part of the city...the city we serve. Looking southwest.

Looking a little more northward, but mostly west.

Pic 1: This presentation was based on "Shepherding Your Child's Heart"

Pic 2: Mrs. Moguel translating my presentation

Pic 3: We were a bit cramped, but it worked!

Pic 4: Mrs. Moguel also translated the powerpoint into Spanish

Pic 5: Parents finding a seat

Candles to light the way for Mary.

Go Karting with the Junior Guys!

At "The Jungle"
Three of our 11th graders who helped out this weekend.

A BIG play house.  A favorite for the younger kiddos.

Helper waiting for the doors to open to start playing with the kids.

A time of worship.

A puppet show to introduce and close out the skit.

The skit: Daniel and the lions den.

Our time at the orphanage: 

The boy and Elleazah playing with keys, a cross cultural connection!

Holding and loving the kids

Or playing with a ball.

Reading to the kids and showing all the pictures with bright colors.  We are thankful for all Elleazah's hard covered book. They are will now be used not just Elleazah but at the orphanage as well.

Talking with them, talking them for a walk and fresh air outside.
They loved to see a baby!

A lizard in our room at the retreat!  We had a zoo room because the previous night we had a bat (but I suppose it ate all the mosquitos and other bugs before we got there!)

An orchid growing wild.  Orchids are the national flower.

Erika showing us the coffee grown in the area.  Some of the best, and most expensive, coffee that is exported to other countries. But this coffee is not harvested, just part of the retreat center, so I was able to taste the fruit that surrounds the seed (the coffee bean).

When a bean is ready to be picked it is bright red!  Yummm.

1st SSLT meeting of the year, getting ready to start discipling

Grazing on the cookies, the papaya isn't as popular as the cookies.
3 Junior girls enjoying fellowship with one another.
Marlayna is discipling one of these girls. 

Elleazah working with dad (sleeping)
before the school year starts

What the courtyard looked like a week before school started...
Let's see what it looks like when the students come!

 Marlayna & Elleazah
will be helping here periodically
New Library!
Reading books isn't a popular thing in Colombia,
but ECA has a pretty good children's section.  We plan to
utilize the books in the library!

We decided to go ahead and look like the tourist and take our camera to our local fruit & vegetable store. Interestingly, the signs are in pounds, but they charge by the kilogram.

This is one of two workers who look
out for Marlayna and Elleazah.

The fruit under the "Granadilla" sign are actually oranges... not granadilla. 
The granadillas are on the far left of this picture.

Pitaya is an excelent laxative;
it is also an expensive fruit.
Great for juice.

Great for juice

Great for juice- a favorite.

On the Left is Yucca, which is a dry
starch like a potato that can be
fried or put in soups. On far right,
is a melting potato that disolves in
boiling water making a great
potato soup, called Ajiaco

Great for juice- our other favorite.

Higos: taste... eehh.

Name that fruit!
If you said a cherry,
you would be in the wrong country,
because there aren't cherries in Colombia.
It is a Plum!

Elleazah look hungry!
But, I think her eyes are bigger than her stomach,
especially since the Guanbana is bigger than her head!!!
Elleazah liked licking my fingers
after I de-pitted the fruit.
When it is ripe, it is very sweet, kind of like...
I can't describe it. It is unique.

Curuba... this one was a little on the tart side, maybe it wasn't ripe yet.

Maracuya.  This makes a great juice. 
It tastes similar to tangerine and peach combined...
but yet, still a bit different!

Teaching swing dance.

Teaching swing dance in our living room to students and alumn of ECA

Guayaba! Our 1st fruit native to Colombia

Our 1st breakfast in our place.
It's kind of like a grilled cheese sandwich

See the rainbow?

A look out our window. 
Elleazah loves to look out the window watching the cars drive by.

This building just across us.
Not everyone cares to cover drape their windows...

Bogota at night. We're near what's called the Auto Pista,
which is a main road going through the entire city of Bogota.
Our bathroom,
the showers are much smaller here
than we are accustumed to in the States.

Our bedroom.

Elleazah's room when we first arrived.
Since then, her bed, the pack and play, has arrived.

Our living room.

Our kitchen, Steve, is making up some hot chocolate.

The exciting plane flight to Bogota, Colombia.
Fortunately, Elleazah was able to sleep as well!

Overlooking Bogota, March 2010

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